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March 23, 2014

We should be bringing the fully automated site back up with current media updates soon!

We still have a few open spots for wedding and event weekends this spring and summer! Please contact us to check availability.

Are you looking for something unique and different in your child, family or wedding photography?  We can help!  While we always want to shoot a project that our clients want, we aren’t afraid to speak up when it comes to what ideas we can offer.  Our first desire is that the client is happy with what we give them!  We will do our very best to ensure that you are getting what you want.  But, if you aren’t sure what you want, we are confident we can offer some great solutions.

I was told I need to blog more, and not simply advertise.

I agree….

Hearing other opinions are a vital part in determining who they are and what they believe to be important.

Some people do not view a photographer as an artist.  Some photographers do not view themselves as artists.  I find this a shame, as any photographer worth their salt should strive to offer an individual touch which makes their work their own.  Otherwise it’s just replication of others.   Replication isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if done well and it’s what the client wants.  But one stands to have their photos looking a lot like everyone else’s.  For example, when asked to do an infant or child session, a lot of the unseasoned photographers tend to predictably pull out the props from their Anne Geddes inspired collection.  If you are not familiar with the works of Anne Geddes, see here… anne geddes   Look familiar? While some of the Geddes child themes are truly cute, they are one of the most replicated styles of infant and child photography. I intentionally try to avoid this style unless it is what the client wants.  And if the client wants it then I will do it, and do it well.  But I am not one to suggest it since there are So Many who employ the style, which at this point, years after it was introduced, is a tired and predictable style.   Speaking as a photographer I need to ask.. How many times can you take a photo of a baby in a basket or wagon and it not look like a Geddes rip off that lacks any inspiration? 

There are a lot of ways to acquire the cute effect that so many parents want for those baby and young children sessions.  A child by their very nature is cute.  Do I really need to dress them up like an animal or put them in a basket to make them cute?  I  tend to avoid it.  I feel that in the long run, a more classic look that stays away from employing an excessive theme to the session will be more appreciated by the parent (and later the grown up child who will thank mom and dad for not dressing them up like a giant sunflower.)

I am a strong believer in giving the client what they want.  But I also believe that it’s ok to advise a client that certain things they may wish to have photographed may fall squarely in the cliché or trite category.  I think a bride and groom or expecting mother who make the ‘heart with hands’ pose is perfectly fine.  As long as they know everyone does it and those who see it may not internally feel anything beyond “Oh, thats the 12,484th time I have seen that done.” but manage a forced smile and utter an “Awww!” or “So Cute”.    It’s not that the pose isn’t cute or heartwarming for the person.  It is.  And if you are wanting that for Your own desired reasons then I will gladly do it. But I believe I owe it to my clients to advise when certain ideas tread into an area where the images will be seen as predictable or stale.  Let’s face it, we not only do things for our own reasons and wants, but we also want others to see! More and more of our family photos end up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media for friends, family and even the general public to see! We have come to expect feedback. Affirmation is a very big part of why many people publish their photos online.

I feel it is best to be completely honest with clients in this respect.  This doesn’t mean we won’t shoot what they want.  It simply means that with certain ideas we feel it is important to point out things which may seem tired and offer an alternative which may surprise you and friends!  There are so many ways to capture an image from a special day or time in one’s life.  The possibilities are endless.  We don’t just want to take pretty pictures.